About Us - A team of diligent designers love practicing our craft.

About Us

We are a team of diligent designers & entrepreneurs that love actively practicing our craft. And what better way of doing what we love, if not helping others? We made it our mission to assist you in developing your business with our expertise and dedication, so give us a go and let us all watch your business thrive!

What services we provide:

Unlimited Design

Laura Maille

Co-Founder & Chief Design Rabbit

Max Tochinskiy

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Rabbit

Our Story

Deputy Rabbit helps business owners, agencies, non-profits and entrepreneurs of all kinds. The reason is that we’re entrepreneurs of all kinds.

When you’re starting a business or your own project, there’s so many things to think about. Setting up the back-end operations, ensuring that the product or service you’re delivering is at its highest standards, hiring quality staff…the list simply goes on and on. Things like branding and how your business is presenting itself visually tend to fall to the backburner, unfortunately.

“Branding & your visual identity
are what your potential clients, &
current business partners see.”

As a small business owner, I struggled to get help with creating and managing my company’s brand and identity. I needed someone that understood my business. I needed someone that was a business partner for me, not just a freelancer looking to get through my requests as quickly as possible.

Given all the to-do’s that I had as part of regular business operations, I thought that outsourcing a logo, flyers, social media posts, and letterheads would be simple. I’d just log into Fiverr or Upwork, find a great designer, and my business would look phenomenal. Easy enough.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. After posting my job and filtering through candidates, I was spending hours and hours just to find someone that was barely competent and capable. The candidates that did come through often failed to deliver the quality that was presented as examples in their portfolios. Not only that, but I was often charged with either significantly more hours than initially quoted or forced to pay additional fees for things like source files to my own design requests.

Freelancers simply didn’t understand my business, nor did they care about my success. The experience had me sinking hours and hours of time every single week on managing freelancers, only to be disappointed with the work and the higher-than-expected invoices at the end of it all. Hours that could be spent focusing on growth or strategy.

I thought that maybe an in-house designer is what I needed. But after doing some quick “napkin math”, I realized that salary plus benefits quickly adds up; and when your business is growing, it’s hard to prioritize hiring staff that aren’t in Sales or Operations functions.

“Investing in your success
is the birthplace of Deputy Rabbit.”

It was around this time that I had a chance encounter. Through a friend I was introduced to Laura, who would become my co-founder. Coming from a design education and agency work experience, Laura understood that freelancers simply don’t meet the needs of most businesses. They aren’t that business partner that’s invested in your success.

Investing in your success is the birthplace of Deputy Rabbit. We knew that Deputy Rabbit would only be successful when our clients were successful.

As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to manage your monthly costs. That’s why one of the guiding principles of Deputy Rabbit is a flat-fixed monthly fee. It’s as simple as that.


There are no hidden charges. One flat-rate for beautiful graphic design. Deputy Rabbit works with you, as your business partner. As your "deputy."

We are determined to make operating a business more efficient and cost effective.

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